Success Signature Switch for Therapists

Success Signature Switch for Therapists

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Do you have a natural therapies business?  

Do you protect yourself from your clients?  

Do you transfer energy from one client to the next?

Upon hearing from therapists and empaths, that they need to do certain things to shake off the energies of their clients at the end of a session, or from people they have been in contact with, Liz Jackson from Eliza Rose Coaching, saw a need to create this essential protection program. 

When you take on the negative or heavy energy from your client you are not as effective at assisting your next client because your energy is not the best it can be and you can transfer some of that energy onto your next client.

So, what can you do about it? 

Liz created this program to cause your sub-conscious to protect you from the heavy energies, right from first connection (which is before you even know that the client exists) and including any and all, unwanted or unscheduled contact with your sub-conscious, that may drain your energy.

This will help you to keep your own energy high during your sessions, and as you transition from one client to the next.  

As Liz was writing this information page, she decided to include a major boost for attracting clients to you, within the program.

I look forward to hearing your results after using this program.